Our Purpose

The purpose of NCS  Begun as a ministry of Shawnee Baptist Church, Northside Christian School reaches into the homes and communities of its pupils. Our goal is to help faithful Christian parents who want their children to develop Christian character, leadership qualities, and a strong tendency for service. We provide our students with an excellent educational opportunity which does not compromise in either the spiritual or academic areas. Parents are accountable and responsible to God for their child’s education. We desire to assist parents in this monumental task. We do not, and would not, replace the home in authority or influence. Our school does, however, supplement the home through training and disciplining our students. This growth is encouraged by a strong parent-teacher relationship. In offering a quality program of academic and spiritual training, NCS places great emphasis on the following:
Christian Teachers These teachers have been called of God to minister as teachers and have a Christian philosophy of life and education. Our teachers are worthy examples for their pupils to follow. Each teacher is highly qualified for the task of educating our students.
Christian Textbooks

NCS seeks to use the best up-to-date Christian textbooks whenever they are available. Such publishers as A Beka and Bob Jones University Press provide materials for our curriculum. The textbooks are tools in the hands of our teachers and students to develop a Christian perspective of life.


Because an undisciplined life is an unproductive life, NCS practices Bible discipline throughout its entire program. Helping students gain self-discipline and be concerned about what God expects of them is important to us.

Bible Training

Whether in the classroom or in chapel, the Bible is taught, cherished, and honored as our source of authority and plumb-line of truth. From their study of Scriptures, our students learn “how to live” and not merely “how to make a living.”

At Northside Christian School, we enjoy seeing our pupils grow spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. From our youngest kindergarteners to our graduating seniors, we try to provide a curriculum and a variety of extracurricular programs that will meet and exceed the needs of our students. It is our desire to assist the families of our students whenever possible.  Please, pray with us as we strive toward the goal of training our pupils to fulfill God’s purpose and plan for their lives.