Our Faith

Statement of Faith

We believe in the verbal inspiration and the authority of the Scriptures. We believe that the Bible reveals God, the fall of man, the way of salvation, and God’s plan and purpose in the ages. The Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. We use only the King James Version 1611 of the Bible.

We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the deity, virgin birth, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We believe that salvation is “by grace” plus nothing and minus nothing. The conditions to salvation are repentance and faith. Because it is given wholly by grace, the believer’s salvation is eternally secure.

We believe that men are justified by faith alone and are accounted righteous before God only through the merit of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We believe in the personal, visible, and pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the everlasting conscious blessedness of the saved and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost.

We believe that God gives spiritual gifts to all believers for the building up of local New Testament churches. Some gifts of the Spirit, however, were given as miraculous signs to unbelievers before the completion of the New Testament and have since diminished or ceased.

We believe that believers are called to a life of separation from all worldly and sinful practices and alliances.

We believe that the local church ministry is God’s plan for reaching the world with the Gospel in compliance with the Great Commission and that every Christian should be actively involved in the ministry of a Bible-believing, soul-winning, New Testament church.

We believe that civil government is of Divine appointment for the interests and good of human society. Magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honored, and obeyed except in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the only Lord of the kings of the earth.

We believe that children belong to the Lord, that they are entrusted to the care of parents who are expected to “train them up in the way they should go,” and that in turn, the parents secure the help of others (the Christian school) in accomplishing this task. Only the home and the church are commissioned by God to educate His children.