The King James Bible is required at Northside and is the foundation for study of all subject areas.



The kindergarten programs at Northside are not “nursery school” or “pre-school” programs. Rather, the young student is introduced to a structured classroom situation in a flexible way that encourages a smooth adjustment to school life. The children are then introduced to concepts that they will need throughout their academic careers.


Children entering K3 must have turned 3 years old by the September when they start school and must be completely toilet trained. Placement of 4 and 5 year-old children may be at the discretion of the administration and the classroom teacher.



The elementary program is designed to teach and develop learning skills. The reading program is based on phonics. In addition to regular classroom subjects (English, spelling, math, science, history, poetry, and penmanship) students also have the opportunity for art and music instruction. Daily Bible lessons are part of the curriculum. The students attend weekly chapel services where there is an emphasis on personal salvation, patriotism, and character development.


If a student is weak in a certain area, teachers may contact parents to suggest enrolling the student in after-school help classes. There is no charge for help class, which focuses on the short-term goal of strengthening those weak areas.


In extreme cases, the teacher or administrator may recommend private tutoring to help bring the student to an acceptable academic level. The school may be able to help arrange for tutoring. (Any tutorial program should be approved by the administrator.) The parent is responsible for the additional costs of private tutoring.


SECONDARY: Junior and Senior High School

Twenty-two (22) credits are required for graduation from Northside. Full credit is earned when two semesters (1/2 credit each) are completed. (Note that more than 10 days absence per semester in any class may disqualify a student from receiving credit for that semester.)


High school requirements and credit distribution follow these guides:

  • English  4
  • Social Studies   3
  • (must include U.S. History)
  • Bible  4
  • Science   3
  • Physical Education/Health 1
  • Math  3
  • Electives   4
  • (must include choir)


Grades are recorded numerically. The following chart gives the corresponding letter grades:


100-99 A+

98-95 A

94-93 A-

92-91 B+

90-87 B

86-85 B-

84-83 C+

82-79 C

78-77 C-

76-75 D+

74-72 D

71-70 D-

69-65 F

64-0 F-


Report Cards are issued four times a year.


Progress Reports are issued in the middle of each grading period. Use Progress Reports to help your student spot areas that may need focused attention. Progress Reports do not become part of the permanent record.